What About SNAP has Surprised You?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] I was mostly surprised to learn how many people benefited from the organization, not just the kids. When we first started this I thought we were just going to provide the frolic opportunities for this kids, and it grew way faster than I thought. I saw parents coming up to me amazed that they could play catch with their son.

I saw kids coming up to me saying that their time at SNAP has been one of their best experiences throughout high school. I've learned that anyone can be a volunteer I mean that's probably one of the most it doesn't have to be a high school [UNKNOWN] to teach someone how to play soccer or it doesn't even have to be this huge, volunteer effort to make someones's day, it could be the smallest things, it could be sitting with them at lunch or saying hi to them in the hallway and that is what our campaign is trying to teach them, and the littlest things can make someones day.