What's the Ultimate Diet for Me?

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Most people think that there's a diet that people should eat, a healthy diet. I don't believe it. I think there's two healthy diets, and they're two different diets. And you have to put the right person on the right diet. I learned this 20 years ago. I had a weight loss clinic, and I learned by making mistakes.

Back then, the Ghost Busters movie had just come out, we started a weight loss clinic called fat bursters. And we put everybody on low fat diet, and we had them writing down their food, what they ate. And they would meet with us every week, and the nurse, and they would go on a walking group every morning, and keep track.

And we would weigh them in, and after a few weeks, it was wildly successful. Everyone was losing weight. We had people loosing over 100 pounds, and interesting, my nurse Leslie came to me one day and she said, you know what, Mark, everybody is doing great. They're losing weight, they're exercising, they're feeling great, their blood's looking better, except these people.

And she had a stack of charts. And I looked at the charts, and she was right. They weren't doing well,in fact they were getting worse. Their blood sugar was going up, they were becoming diabetic. They were gaining weight, where everyone else was loosing weight. And I looked over their food records and everything seemed okay.

They were eating all the right stuff. It didn't make sense. And thinking back, back then I said oh, I know why. They're cheating, [LAUGH] They're lying. That was my conclusion. I didn't realize back then, I had been put them on the wrong diet. They shouldn't have been on the low fat diet, they actually needed the low carb diet.

Took me 10 more years to figure what the difference between those two types of people were, and how we could make use of that to get better results. Two different types of people. And that is, there are two different, very intrinsically different types of people, that needs two different diets.

And it has to do with how their bodies handles different foods. The hunter type can't handle the carbohydrates, can't handle the grains, they get turned into sugar, and sugar raises the blood sugar, and it pushes them towards diabetes. The farmer can't handle fat. Too much fat raises their cholesterol, puts on weight, they get big, and wide.

So they need the low fat diet, and actually turns out it's pretty easy to figure out who's who. The hunters tend to put on more weight up here, around the belly, they put on belly fat, they have a big belly. The farmers have a big butt, big legs, big thighs, they put on lower body mostly.

And the difference between the two types is how well their body responds to their insulin. Insulin is that hormone made by the pancreas that regulates blood sugar. And the farmer type, the type of more leg, and thigh and wider butt, has more insulin sensitivity. They're very sensitive to insulin.

The hunter, very resistant, they're pushing towards diabetes.