Are You a Better Athlete Now or When You Won the Gold Medal?

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The athlete that I was in 2000, that won the gold, I would take that kid to the cleaner today, and it's 13 years later, I'm supposed to be an older athlete I'm supposed to slow down. I will take that kid to the cleaner because back then I think it's the way that we trained, it was half hazard, it was the best we had.

It's that we didn't have, so we didn't a garment to track us, we didn't have pacing, we had to do a lot of it intuitively, there was some strength to that, and yet I'm trying not to lose all that today. So there are still moments when I just go run, but I'll take that kid to the cleaner because I know how to train so much better, an dhow to eat so much better and how to take care of myself mentally and physically.