How Does the Ekso Exoskeleton Work?

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Now Paul is going to shift over and transfer over to the chair where we have the Ekso ready we have opened up the head joints so it is easier for him to transfer into it. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then you'll bring in the relaxer Ekso. And Katie will help him strap in. [BLANK_AUDIO] so it's important to strap in the legs so they are tight and secure.

We want them to be snap and now Katie is going to help him stand up. She is using a controller and he's off. [BLANK_AUDIO] so here Paul is making sure his weight is shifted over to the leg, this balanced, then you can take a step in the opposite leg. This device is designed for the rehabilitation sectors.

So there you have a physical therapist that drives it. The next generation that will bring out, where you have someone in their home then they will try the machine on their own, and that's the next generation.