Where Will Genetic Testing Be in Five Years?

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Every private citizen whose got a health plan will have their genome. It was once unthinkable that we would sequence more than a couple individuals because it's such a herculean task. Everybody will have their genome sequenced, many already do and that brings in a whole new age a self awareness that is the patient while go see their doctor or their team of doctors and they already know what genetic mutations they have and what diseases they may be predisposed to or what risk factors they may have.

And the association between risk, disease and so on is only to become more informative with the advent of having more and more people sequenced. So won't just be the dramatic big disease real like Huntington disease or Alsimas or certain breast cancer risk genes. But actually the real variance, the things that cause chronic illness perhaps, will became more normally associated, and the information you get from your own genomic sequence will become more informative.

People will be more self aware than they ever have in history of this planet.