What Are the Bioethical Issues Raised by Collecting So Much Health Data?

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I think the bio-ethical issues of having your genome sequence are serious indeed, and probably the more serious ethical issues are will I be denied insurance coverage, will I be denied employment because my genetic makeup is known. If my genetic makeup is now public, if it becomes public or gets into the wrong hands, will there be combination of genetic sequences that a company decides they won't hire me bases upon? Maybe because a certain genetic makeup is correlated with less intelligence, not just risk of disease, not an actuary table, perhaps more qualitative parameters.

All these is in our future, it's going to happen. Now unfortunately here in California, there're already laws in the books that prohibit discrimination based on genetic information for employment and insurance coverage. However, how do we know those things are going to be enforced correctly, and how would you know when an insurance company has looked at your genetic information or not, and so even if there might be laws in the books that prohibits such behavior, how are they enforceable? Especially when genetic profiles may be held in the cloud on sub-web computing space, and maybe hackable by one place or another.