How Can TicTrac Help with the Obesity Epidemic?

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If you're measuring the way that TicTrac works and what we looked to TicTac is lifestyle. We call ourselves a lifestyle design platform for a reason that we capture everything that happens within your life. Now, the notion for us really is that, using that as a staffing base, if you can really work out what really triggers an engagement point for an individual, to understand why they're in the health state that they are in, you can have much, much more impact on behavior change.

So, if you look at the notion that actually, over the last 100 years, 50 years, 5 years, all the information that you need to be healthy, is there, is readily available. It's going to be easier to actually get hold of it, but still people don't turn behavior change, is because they're not engaged, and so for us to come from a place where actually if you can really solve the challenge of engaging people in their health, through their own data and through insights, hopefully you have the ability to make a positive change in their lives.