What Are Some Issues Surrounding the Mentally Ill and Violence?

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The problem there is probably gun control, guns may be too accessible but that's not completely the reason. In Canada the per capita rates of guns to people is higher than in the United States but they don't have the violent crimes nearly as much as we do. So, for the people that are mentally ill like Laufner and Virginia texted, problem is that our mental health system is not being able to provide what they need in an effective way and it's a whole big topic because it has to do with one's stigma, it has to do with lack of various social commitment, to provide mental health services and it also has to do with maybe excessive emphasis on individual autonomy, self determination, civil liberties, giving the rights of the individual full expression even with the expense of society because of the individual who is sick but doesn't want treatment as many people who are mentally ill do or don't want treatment and then, do doctors to society, do their families have the right to impose it on them.