How Has the Doctor Patient Relationship Changed?

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First of all my father is from the Marcus Welby era and he's a general internal medicine physician. He's retired now, he's a five, but I can tell you that over the years I saw some of the patients that he saw, and it was was a tough act to follow in part because he was from that era where he established a deep and a binding relationship with his patients.

And the system just doesn't tend to emphasis that now and as much as the current push to proper documentation and outcomes data is well intentioned. I think for example, one of the big things that it under emphasizes is patients satisfaction. Often times patient leaving a physician's office feeling satisfied or not has very little to do with whether their medical care was managed in a proper way according to the kind of matrix that have been established going forward in this country, and that doesn't mean that those measurement, represent a fallacy or something, it just means that it's not the only way to look at whether the health care system is working.

If you have a population of people who checked the box that said they were fully satisfied with their health care from my perspective that would probably be a more important outcome than whether you prevent this or that disease.