Can the Chronic Health Issues Seen in Children Be Attributed to Bad Diet?

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The chronic issues in terms of the cholesterol, the weight and the diabetes in young children is attributable to the diet. So many children grow up, they're basically weaned on juice and I see parents bringing their kids into my office then just to keep them quiet, they have to give them cookies, little cheerios another process foods, there's little fish I see it was goldfish all the time.

It's their diet of course but worse than that is that their parents' diet wasn't good and this is where the epigenetic effect comes in because they come into it with a disadvantage that their parents didn't have and so there's a researcher Melinda Sothern out of Louisiana who says that we're finding a series, we think there's been a, she says we think there's has been a series of genetic mutations due to environmental issues over the past few years that's making these children more prone to diabetes than their parents were and that makes sense to me.