How Well Do We Understand the Brain?

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And from even philosophical perspective you could even wonder, will we ever be able to understand the brain because can and nor can it understand itself, so that's a complex question but, so I will say we know little, however I will also add, that we know much more, than what people already assume we know, and there is a big disconnect between what we should know and what we know, but equally a big disconnect between what we know and what we don't know.

So what do we do today? First education is basically a transfer of content, we completely ignore brain development. What do we do with the special aid? People with ADHD, dyslexia mostly medication we don't think and that's their brain disorder. How do we harness the brain to help those people thrive in life through a whole life span.

What do we do in our work place? Often we live in a very stressful society, everyone talks how stress is bad for you, how do we help people self regulate their emotions, their stress? Through meditation, through by your feed back, through whatever works as we get older, people are just are crazy with Sudoku crossword puzzles, are those truly the most effective ways to maintain cognitive functions later in life? It's not, so yes we can always aspire to know more, but I think equally important is we know today, how can we apply it?.