How Much Do You Blame American Culture for Our Childhood Obesity Epidemic?

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Obesity epidemic is metabolic ticking time bomb that really is threatening to overwhelm our healthcare system and rob children and young adults have so much joy in life. A lot of that comes from our American culture. We used to think that our good preferences were primarily genetic.

But it turns out we learn food mostly the way we learn a language, on the day that a child is born they're able to understand virtually any human language in the world but quick languages and total languages and gradually shuts down to what they're exposed to frequently. And it's like that with food, on the day a child's formed they're able to learn collate almost any food, any healthy food but that starts to shut down and in the critical window we finish exposing kids primarily to processed foods that don't taste like real foods, so they taste like jarred peaches, they taste like fruit cocktails, but then when they're later given a real peach they spit it out because they don't recognize it.

The way that our taste buds are setup is actually pretty cool. We're drawn inedibly to glucose sugar because usually in nature will be things that are good for us short amounts of salt but we tend to reject anything that is sour or bitter, and bitter you want reject because it might be toxic somehow.

Sour you want to reject because it might be spoiled somehow. So it's only the things that you taste on average 6-10 times up to 15 times in that critical window that you there's a switch that goes off in the brain and you a metaphorical switch in the brain and you certainly recognize yes this particular green thing and all the green things out in the yard actually is good and then you derive pleasure from it, but we've been missing that opportunity.

In the 21st Century only 94% of parents will give up fewer than six times trying a vegetable because they think, oh, this kid doesn't like brocolli just like that and they won't do it. And we know if you would just every day give them one taste, never push it never force it, they don't want it to stop.

At the end of the week 85% of them will love broccoli or whatever their indeed stable vegetable was. We wanted.