Ditch the TV, Save 100 Calories

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What if you could burn 100 calories a day? That's 700 calories per week. I'm Barbara Ficarra. Here's the easiest way to burn a extra calories everyday. Pick up your remote control, then switch off the TV. A recent study show that, people who cut their TV watching in half, dropped an extra 100 calories per day without even trying.

Think about it, even if the time you take away from TV viewing is spent talking on the phone, reading a book, or writing at a grocery list, you'd still be burning more calories than you'd when launched on the couch all evening. The study also found that people who cut down their TV time, cut down on how many calories they were eating.

The temptation to eat wasn't stimulated by tantalizing commercials with juicy cheeseburgers and gooey chocolate chip cookie. If you can drop that many calories by turning off the TV, think about how many you can burn if you really got moving. Find lots of great health and exercise tips, right here.