Eating Dark Chocolate May Protect Your Skin From the Sun

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I'm Dr. Oz with today's health tip, it's my candy secret for protecting your skin from the sun. Yeap, I said candy, but I'm not talking about any candy, I'm talking about dark chocolate. Studies show that people who stack in just a tiny bit, just a 100 calories of dark chocolate every day seem to be more protected from this sun's ultraviolet radiation after 12 weeks.

Researchers suspect that chocolate helps protect the skin, thanks to the extra healthy compounds in the sweet stuff things like flavonoids. Now flavonoids act like antioxidants, guarding the skin against damage from the sun's harmful rays, by boosting circulation in the skin, making the skin healthier, and keeping it cooler.

Unfortunately, chocolate flavors don't typically list flavonoids content, so to get the most flavonoids from chocolate, choose a variety that is at least 70% coco, because coco is the stuff containing all those helpful flavonoids. Now of course, eating that bit of dark chocolate is no replacement for smart skin protection, still use the sunscreen, cover up, and stay out of sun during peak UV hours. I'm Dr. Oz, and that was today's dedicated health tip.