What Should I Do If My Child's School Can't Protect Him From a Bully?

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It's really hard when your child is a victim, and you want to jump in and protect them as much as possible. So it's important to go through the proper channel so to speak in order to get the health that you need. Often times that starts with the school. So you might go in and talk to the teacher, the guidance counselor, the principal and ask them to step in and help in protect your child.

They might not be doing the best job or it might take longer than you want or it might not be effective so you need to continue to goon the chain of command, you might need to go see the head of the board of education, you might need to see the superintendent of the school. You might need to keep moving up the ladder if you are still not getting the support you need, you may need to consider whether or not you need to change the school environment.

So maybe you need to get a safety transfer to another school in the neighborhood or in the area. Maybe you need to home school your child for a period of time until you figure out what needs to happen, but your child's safety has to come first. And although your impulse will be to call the other parents, to yell at other kid, that's not going to openly be effective.

You need to follow the proper chain in order to really get what you want.