How Should I Motivate My Child Who Procrastinates to Do Her Homework?

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Procrastination can be happening for lots of different reasons. It can be because your child really doesn't know how to do the work, it can be because your child falls into a perfectionist extend and can't do the work because they're afraid of not being exactly right and perfect, or it can be that they just don't really want to.

It's what a lot of people would call rigging, but you can't really lazy has some other thing going on behind it, so you want to really sit down with the child to figure out what's getting in the way. Is it lack of skills, is it anxiety, is it lack of motivation? And once you can identify what that is you might have different options of how you wanna address it.

If it's lack skill, can you bring a tutor, can you bring in some support, can you talk with the school about how to get them extra help. If it is perfectionism, you got to give some coping skills for how to deal with anxiety. And if it's lack of motivation, you need to figure out what's meaningful to your child that they can work toward and they can earn, and that they can earn that if they get their homework done in a certain amount of time.

So have to kind of identify the problem behind the procrastination and then implement some of those solutions.