6 Ways to Stop Bullying

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altmann with tips to put a stop to bullying. 40 to 80% of kids say they've being bullied, here's how you can help you child. If you suspect your kid's a target don't wait for the topic of bullying to come up. Kids often feel ashamed of being bullied. Take regular walks together and casually chat about what's happening at school, it may make it easier for your child to open up.

Teach your children to stick with friends. Bullies usually go after singles not groups. If your teen's being taunted suggest walking away as if it didn't matter, bullies crave over the top reactions. Sign your child up for a martial martial arts class as much as for the confidence and exercise as the self-defence.

Bullies are less drawn to people who project strength. If online cyber bullying is the problem, help your child set up a new social media account and email address. Tell the school, teachers and administrators should know what's happening and school wide anti-bullying campaigns are the best way to stop it.

I'm Dr. Altman, for more ways to keep your kids happy and healthy watch all our smart tips. [MUSIC].