What Does the Term Diabesity Mean?

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So most doctors think the disease is on or off, you have it or you don't. So you have obesity or weight issues or you have diabetes, they're not really connected. The truth is that there's a continuum of dysfunction all the way from ideal and optimal blood sugar and insulin functioning, all the way through to full blown diabetes, and all along that spectrum you're in trouble, and that's why we call it Diabesity, help people understand, it's not just about being overweight, there's fundamental things going on that are driving heart attacks, cancer, dementia. It affects many other chronic diseases that don't show up only when you get diabetes, they show up way before, early in the continuum. So we had to think about chronic disease in the point of view of diabesity, which is really what's driving most things, really it's being overweight, like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, dementia and more.