Is Foot Pain Making You Fat?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with advice to help you stay on your feet. Seven out of ten people say foot pain keeps them from walking, and that may lead to weight gain. The solution? Prevent the three most common foot problems, avoid athlete's foot, there are 250, 000 sweat glands in your feet so it's no wonder itchy smelly fungal infections grow there.

If you're prone to athletes foot, change your shoes and socks twice a day, buy socks that wick away moisture and always wear flip flops in locker rooms and pool showers. Don't cover off nasty nails. Hiding thick discolored nails inside shoes or under nail polish makes them worse. See your doctor to be sure there is no underlying medical condition under the nail.

The cause is often fungal. So use the same tips to prevent athletes foot. Keep your feet dry. Soothe foot pain. Problems in the heel or balls of your feet can result from weight gain, pounding the pavement or poor arch support, so stretch your leg muscles. Icing your feet can help too, and see a podiatrist for possible inserts.

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