Why You Should Eat Dinner as a Family

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tanya Altman with a tip for family dinners. Sharing a sit down dinner with your family at least three days a week can transform your family's health and brighten your children's future. Family dinner time can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of cancer and improve your family ties.

It also boosts kids health, self esteem and grades. Here are a few more benefits of eating at home as a family. Home cooked meals are healthier. They have less fat and more essential nutrients than the average fast food meal. Eating a home cooked dinner with your family cuts your risk and your kids risk of obesity by 12% and increases their healthy food intake by 24%.

At home you can control the portion sizes and slow down the pace of your meal, and here's a shocking stat. About 35% of kids who have two or fewer family meals a week are more likely to smoke tobacco and marijuana, compared to 14% of kids who have dinner with their families five to seven times a week.

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