Eat Dark Chocolate to Build Muscle

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I'm Dr. Mike Roizen. One another reason to really enjoy your daily dose of chocolate, now be careful, we want you to enjoy real chocolate. Milk chocolate isn't the right thing, it is real chocolate. It isn't dark chocolate, it's real coco base chocolate, you have to read the label because some dark chocolates, are made from milk chocolate, so make sure it's real chocolate.

Now you already love real coco, not milk chocolate because it lowers your blood pressure, prevents cavities, protects your heart and keeps depression away, but here's another great reason to enjoy it. Yes, real chocolate raves up your mitochondria. Those are the power stations in each and every one of your cells except your red cells, to make your muscles stronger and build your endurance.

Chocolate is packed with flavanoids, gland based chemical that fight almost everything. They are anti viral, antialargic, antiplaylet, antiflammatory, antitumour, anti else somewhere disease, they are almost anti everything that's bad, and by the way I'll enjoy some and folks who ate the most chocolate cut their heart disease risk by 37%, their diabetes risk by the same amount, their stroke risk went down by 30%, how sweet is that?

70% coco somersweet or better sweet dark chocolate are my favorites. Enable no more than a half ounce twice a day or total of an ounce a day or more ways to get stronger, watch all of our smart tips right here.