How to Stay Well During Cold and Flu Season

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here with six ways to stay well, lose cold in flu season. First, get plenty of sleep, you need seven and a half to eight hours every night that helps keep your immune system humming. Get enough Vitamin D3, take a 1,000 units a day, 1,200 after age 60. Manage stress, chronic stress takes a toll on your immune system, so carb out 10 minutes a day for meditation, and deep breathing, and serene stretching.

Exercise, a daily walk also helps boost your immunity, it's a great stress buster too. Eat right, that means lots of colorful fruits and veggies, lean protein, and whole grain. Wash your hands a lot, and if you do come down with the cold or the flu, do yourself and your co-workers a favor, and stay home. You will recuperate more quickly, and help keep everyone else healthy, think of it as a public service.

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