Is Cold and Cough Medicine Safe for Toddlers?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman, when your little one has a colder flu should you give her an over the counter cough and cold medicine? Probably not. Over the counter cough and cold medicines generally aren't recommended for babies and toddlers. These medications may have some unpleasant or potential usually harmful side effects for kids.

Home remedies, herbal remedies and supplements may also contain potentially dangerous ingredients. So always check with your pediatrician before giving anything to your child, so how can you help your tyke feel better? If the cold is bothering your child try to clean out that stuffy nose so he can breath better and drink more easily.

Place a dropper to a nozzle sailing solution and each nostril to loosen the mucus and help it drain, if the staffiness is interfering with sleep or feeding. Try gentle sanctioning, he won't like it, but if you can get the ganc[sp?] out he will feel better. A coolness hear a vaporizer that may also help ease the stuffy nose and cough and as always when your child is sick make sure he drinks plenty of fluids.

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