"No Pain, No Gain" Doesn't Apply to Strength Training

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clarke. You've heard of the phrase, no pain, no gain, but when it comes to strength training, this doesn't apply. If you feel pain when you're doing a resistance training exercise, try these tips. Move through a smaller range of motion, sometimes this can eliminate the pain, your body may need to build up slowly before you push your limits.

Modify your position. There are many modifications you can do for different exercises, this will place stress on your joints and muscles differently. Sometimes it's just the trick to eliminate pain. Decrease the amount of weight or intensity of the exercise, this will place less physical strain on your muscles and joints.

If none of these suggestions work, then you should stop doing the exercise, it might not be right for you. There are hundreds of exercises that can help build strength without pain or injury. If pain persists even when you're not exercising, visit your doctor to rule out any serious injury. For more ways to live healthy, watch all of our tips, right here.