3 Tips for Better Strength Training

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Hi, Im Dr. Clark with some tips to maximize your strength training. Regular strength training can boost your bone health, support your joints, and improve your aerobic performance. You can use your own body weight, weight machines, dumbbells, elastic bands, water or other equipment. Consider these factors when starting a strength training routine.

Vary your number of repetition, sets and the rest period between sets. Healthy exercisers should use 8-10 different exercises that involve major muscle groups and perform one set of each exercise 2-3 days per week. You don't need to break your back. Heavy weights don't mean a better a workout. Research shows that lighter weights with fewer reps can be just as effective at building muscle as heavier weights with more reps. Focus on your large muscle groups and target other muscles from there.

Allow at least 48 hours between strength training sessions. Aim for a minimum of three 10 minute sessions per week. You may want to spend some more time strength training as you age to help you maintain your muscle mass. For more ways to stay strong and fit, watch all our smart tips right here.