How Can I Get More Iron Naturally?

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Where is Daniela? Daniela, how are you. How are you Daniela? Hey My question is about Anaemia. What's the best way to treat it and If I don't want to take any pill can I treat it naturally in any way?I assume you are anemic because you are asking that? My mom is. Your Mom.

Can I examine your mum? Sure. Come on over here mum for a second. How could you ever ask that question my goodness? I let her do that. You can take your glasses off. Let me show you how to figure out if someone is anaemic or not. So what's your first name. Colleen. Mum Colleen, so take somebody and flip down their eye lids a little bit and look at the redness of the lower lid.

It 'll look a little bit pale. You see how Carlene's lower lid is a little bit pale? It means you don't have enough blood in your body, and because you don't have the red cells carrying oxygen you're going to feel sort of tired and washed out. Treatment of it is usually giving yourself more iron.

One little tool I like because I don't like taking iron pills because they constipate most people. So, I don't take them, but I take iron pills, the old fashioned one, is cooking at, you actually sip some of that element of iron into your food, make sense? Maybe you'll get that for your mom for holidays.

Sure. [LAUGH] Thanks mom. Thank you.