Use Apples to Battle Bad Bacteria

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Hi I'm [xx] here's a tip to nourish healthy digestion. Like good against evil, there's the constant mini battle going on in your gut between good bacteria and bad bacteria and this fruit can help determine the winner. Apple, apple skins have a type of fiber called pectin research shows that this fiber helps turn your colon into an environment more helpful beneficial bacteria can thrive.

Good bacteria are called Probioticts. The GI System needs them in order to perform properly. Studies also suggest that Probiotics they boost your immunity. What you eat could actually help create an environment where probioticts can flourish. That`s where Pectin comes in. Your body can't digest apple pectin, instead the pectin from in and changes the environment inside your colons.

Tipping the balance in favour of the good guys. Compounds like pectin that set the stage for probiotics are called prebiotics. So they'd all the adage about an apple a day may really be true, at least when it comes to your colon. Check out all our smart health and nutrition tips right here.