What Are Some of the Emotional Aspects of Living with Crohn's Disease?

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Crohn's disease can be a particularly difficult illness to deal with because it has to do with eating and we have to do that several times a day. People with Crohn's disease often have severe abdominal pain, they have frequent diarrhea, sometimes they find that even before they get to the bathroom, they might be soiling themselves, it makes travel very difficult and they may not know where the bathroom always is.

They may have to take extra clothes with them and even though these might be part of solutions, people often find that depression and anxiety results, because they don't feel like a sense of stability in their life, they don't feel like a sense of control, perhaps they have a world view of themselves as being sick or perhaps dependent, and we know that at times of stress, people's immune system particularly in the gut can be lowered, they can be more inflammation, so stress can also cause layer-ups of Crohn's disease.

So it is very important to again recruit the support systems, the family networks, and for some people, a small sub-set, they may find the flare ups, too challenging and for this people perhaps psychotherapy or if there is independent depression or anxiety, coping with that, talking to a therapist and perhaps antidepressants that population might be helpful.