Too Full? Drink a Glass of OJ

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Hi, I'm Barbara Faccara with a healthy tip for you. Have you ever eaten too much, stuffing yourself with too many calories in one sitting? You can put your body's inflammatory response into over drive. One way to counter act a full stomach is to drink Orange juice. In one study people who ate a super sized fast food breakfast with Orange juice had a much milder inflammatory response compared to those who didn't, and whatever you do don't pair your high calorie meal with soda.

Researches found sugar sweetened drinks increased inflammatory response. So what makes orange juice so helpful after a big fatty meal? It may come down to two important citrus spice flavonoids found in oranges. These powerful anti oxidants ease body processes that can damage blood vessels. So well I don't recommend you make a habit of eating over-sized meals, it's nice to know that you can minimize some of the damage when you do.

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