4 steps to stop sugar cravings

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a smart tip to help you tame sugar cravings. Is your sweet tooth at over drive? Take advantage of your gears with these four easy strategies. Chew sugar free gum, study show it can wore up hunger, and keep you from grabbing sweet afternoon snacks. Walk away from temptation, when a sugar craving hits, take a hike even around the hall ways.

Walking and other forms of physical activities contain cravings, prevent over eating and burn calories too, sweet. Take a seven minute exam break. Next time that power [xx] in the office break room start singing their siren song, drown it out with the seven minute meditation break, it will help you recognize your cravings, so you can move on.

Trying to suppress a craving actually makes it worse. Trading yourself craves for a flavorful low cal, low sugar alternative can catch your own soda by mixing salter with the jiggler or fruit juice.