Beat the Munchies With This Snack

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick and easy weight loss tip. You don't need willpower to fend off afternoon snack attacks, just add chickpeas to your mid-day meal. A recent studies found that, adding about a half a cup of chickpeas to your daily diet can cut craving for salty, sugary, and fatty snacks.

The study participants not only said they felt less hungry and ate pure calories, they also reported eating far fewer processed snack food as well. Just like they do with the feeling higher fiber content in the chick-peas, these midi-lagoons have another advantage, if you're ever feeling a bit bound up, chickpeas will help make you more regular, if you decide to add more Chickpeas to your diet do so gradually help reduce any chance of gastrointestinal discomfort from a sudden increase in fiber.

Once your system gets acclimated you can fill up not out on these healthy beans. Watch all our smart tips to learn about more ways to nourish your health.