Stay Slim With Yogurt and Nuts

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Hi. I'm Dr. Miller. Here's a simple tip to keep extra weight off. Just change what you snack on. In a large long term study, researchers examined people's eating habits to figure out which foods were more likely to help keep weight off. Two of the top winners? Yogurt and nuts other top treats included fresh fruits, vegetables and foods made with whole grain.

No surprise there. But what was surprising during the 20 year study is that it mattered less how much people ate and more what they ate. By loading up on more high fiber foods the healthier eaters felt full and satisfied. That left less room in their stomachs for fattening fried sugary or refined foods.

And it cut cravings. Now that's something you can snack on, for more smart ways to nourish your health, watch all our health tips right here.