Control Food Cravings With Your Imagination

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, here's a surprising way to control food craving, use your imagination. Can't stop thinking about the chocolate sprinkled doughnut in the break room? Lucky you, you've already got the solution. Keep thinking hard and long about that doughnut. Press out, you're back in control, that's right.

People in a recent study who imagined themselves eating 3-6 craves, ate less of that food than people who mentally focused on eating something else entirely. How does that work? You know how that 10-5 of chocolate moves, just isn't it wonderful of the first? It's still good, but it starts to feel like you've hard enough.

While the the same things seem to happen when you simply imagine eating the food. Try the next time a craving hits. Sit down, relax, and see yourself eating every mouthful of that hot Fudge Sundae, over, and over, by the 30th rewind, you'll over it. Imagine that. I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to eat smart and stay slim, watch all our smart tips.