Skipping Breakfast Is a Recipe for Heart Disease

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Hey guys, do you skip breakfast most mornings? If so that's a habit you should change, pronto! Hi, I am Dr. Miller, skipping breakfast might seem harmless but a recent study found that habitually missing a morning meal boosts men's risk of heart disease or heart attack by 27%. The study found that guys who miss breakfast are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol and not exercise.

An earlier research links skipping breakfast to weight gain and developing Type-2 diabetes. So make it a point to grab breakfast in the morning. You'll perform better on the job and you'll be less likely to binge on junk food later in the day. Here are three quick breakfast ideas, have a slice of wholegrain toast with peanut butter and a glass of OJ, swing by your favorite coffee house for a serving of steel cut oats topped with nuts, skip the sugar, fix a bowl of low fat yogurt, rice almonds and berries to go. I'm Dr Miller for more ways to nourish your good health check out all our smart tips.