What Are the Different Types of Headaches?

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There are various types of headaches but I'll just give you an example of some. If you have sinus headache you get a pain here, you can't look into the bright light because it irritates you and also you sit infront of the television then the eyes shut and there's constant heaviness on the eyelids and you want to sleep every time.

This is the sinus type of headache, sometimes you grind your teeth and you get tension in your jaw. So if you grind your teeth at night and you're very tense then one of the other joint will get eroded with the frequent friction. In that case there'll be inflammation and this becomes the epicenter of the pain and one half of the head will be so all around this area.

So you get terrible headache, then 60% of the headaches come from the neck due to tension, back injuries, accidents, car accidents and sports injuries, fights and so and so forth. Then in that case you have to do the neck massages on this area and the yoga exercises to get rid of that type of headache.

There is headaches from low blood pressure, headaches from high blood pressure, headaches from low atmospheric pressure, headaches from high atmospheric pressure, headaches from exhaustion. You got some one of the vertebra is out you run up the stairs, or you cough or in the middle of sexual experience you get this terrible headache because the heart rate goes up.

And it tries to reach the brain but because there is constriction in the canal inside the, and you get this headaches. You have bad eyesight you get headache. You have bad tooth you get headaches, you have got problems of hypo hypoglycemia the sugar level drops you get headaches.

High sugar level you also get headache, tension headaches you are worried and you can't sleep so you get this terrible tension headache here which is almost permanent. Then the other types of headaches are related to the medicines that you take, the different types of drug, maybe you are taking too much of vitamins and you get this muzzy head.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome you get this constant heaviness in the head, so these are the types of headaches.