Why Is Exercise Important to Managing Chronic Pain?

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When we talk about chronic pain, we're really talking about pain that last at least three months or longer. The first step in figuring out what treatment is right for you and if exercise will help you is to determine what the cause of your chronic pain is. Having a solid diagnosis is first and foremost.

It's the most important thing to do first. Because remember that there are many pain conditions that actually can respond very well to exercise. Things like water aerobics, water therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and many, many more. But having that diagnosis is key to knowing whether these modalities will help you or may not be so helpful in the end.

One thing I've often seen in the office when patients come to me with chronic pain issues, whether it's back pain or shoulder pain or knee pain whetever it is, is I often can have a lot of patience be afraid or be cautious about exercising or working out or doing certain physical therapy maneuvers, and again what's most important is for us to find the right diagnosis for the underlying pain.

But it's important to keep in mind that as a patient sometimes exercise might actually be the appropriate treatment. So that's why it's important for you to make sure go and talk to your doctor about the chronic pain that you're having because exercise actually might in the end be the right option.