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  • You're Never Fully Dressed

    Remember that day you got all the way to work and realized you'd forgotten to put pants on? Or how about that time you went to the supermarket topless?

    Ridiculous, right?

    We would never eliminate an entire key piece of clothing. Sure, there are varying

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  • Dirty Dozen

    Have you ever dropped an egg on the floor? Being the clutz that I am, it's happened to me more times than I can keep count :) Creates a mess, but a little paper towel, cleaning fluid and elbow grease cleans everything up and pretty soon I'm back to cooking.

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  • Brick by Brick

    Making the commitment to alter our (eating and fitness) lifestyle is huge. But the steps we take to get there don't need to be. We would never put the roof on a house without first laying the foundation and building the walls. And I doubt I could write a

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