Many times I seem to make things harder than necessary by over thinking them. We worry and stress about our weight. We worry about the scale not moving. We worry about not getting everything done like we need to. Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and stressing about things and live our life. 

 I do believe that the logging your food is important. We need to know where our intake is in relation to what we are burning. But sometimes we get so caught up in the numbers and measuring and counting and burning we drive our selves crazy. We do everything down to the smallest detail and still see only small or no results. Sometimes we need to step away and just be.

 Most of us have been on this journey for a while. I have been working with the same 5 pounds for some time. I get a couple off, then they come back, etc. I know five pounds is not much, but we all know how easily 5 pounds turns into 10 and so on. I had been diligent about logging my calories and exercise, weighing every week, with only a slight change. So I got a bit discouraged, like we do, and stopped logging every day. Now, that is all I changed. I kept my eating schedule and making my healthy choices, I did not throw caution to the wind, I just stopped focusing on the numbers and what the scale said and ate what and when and the amount I needed. If I got hungry, I ate a small healthy snack. I did this for about 3 weeks, and when I stepped on the scale Friday, I had lost 2 pounds.

 All the data is important, especially in the beginning when we are learning about portion sizes and caloric intake and making healthy choices, but we cannot let ourselves get so stressed out by the numbers that we overthink everything. Just take a deep breath and let go. Maintain your programs, just don't think so hard about it. You know what you need to do, you have the tools, you know how to use them. Let your actions take over. You might be pleasantly surprised too.