How do you judge your day as a success or less than that? You completed your "to do" list, so it was a successful day. You helped a neighbor, so you had a successful day. You did not make anyone cry today, so it was a successful day. You got in a great workout so you had a successful day. You exceeded your daily caloric intake so your day was not successful. You stayed in your pj's all day so your day was not successful. You sat on the couch all day, so your day was not successful. I want to know why it is that more often than not, I judge my day by what I did or did not eat. How did this happen? How did food get so powerful that I judge my day by it. No matter what I do, the last thing I seem to think about before drifting off to sleep is a bad food choice I made or congratulating myself on making the right food choices.

 How does something as simple as food have such power over us? Is it our culture of overindulgence? We do seem to eat for all the wrong reasons. We have a history of eating for comfort, for depression and for convenience and not for the right reasons like energy and good nutrition. I have said it over and over, a cheat meal or cheat day is a good thing. But just because I know that, that in itself does not keep me from feeling guilty about having a couple cookies after dinner. How can a chocolate chip cookie have that much power over me? How can that brownie totally ruin my day and make me doubt my self worth? How did this happen and how do I make it stop? Why do we all seem to struggle so much with food?

 I think it is because we have taken the reason for food out of context. Food was designed as a fuel source, period. It's purpose it to give us the energy we need to get our work done. The purpose of food is to give our body the nutrients it needs to heal muscles and injuries, to grow hair, to grow fingernails, to keep our bones and teeth strong and healthy. Food and eating was never meant to be a sporting event. It is time to put food back in its place. Food is fuel for the machine. I am the machine. I will no longer define myself by my food choices. The success of my day will no longer be determined by my food choices. I can control my food choices. I can control my caloric intake. I will take control back from that stupid cookie, or if and when I have a cookie, I will not let it ruin my day. This is where I am making my stand.