Recently food allergies have become so widespread that some have labeled them as “the new eating disorder”. The reason for that is that gluten or lactose intolerance for example can actually turn into a good excuse to deprive yourself of major daily products (or to start treating yourself to more quantities from another product) causing various eating disorders. Indeed food allergies are extremely common and it is clear that the food allergy is a type of allergy that should not be underestimated. We shall now look at the top 6 allergy foods on Earth in the recent years.

The number one food allergy according to EcoWatch is allergy to milk - also known as lactose intolerance. Researches show that this allergy can be developed when breastfeeding babies get exposed to cow's milk before their sixth month of age. Millions of infants around the world have allergy to cow's milk and products developed from it such as cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream etc but the majority of them lose lactose intolerance as they grow (when they surpass their third year). As a result, less adults are prone to the allergic symptoms of cow's milk allergy. 

Second on the list is egg allergy which again affects mostly children. What is interesting about this allergy is that it does not require you to give up on all egg-containing progress. Scientists say that only after heating the egg the allergy-causing enzyme changes its shape and so egg-intolerant people could tolerate products like biscuits, cakes among others.

Next comes the tree nuts allergy which is consider as the reason for allergy symptoms manifestation in around 1 percent of the people in USA. This one can in fact be very dangerous due to the severe allergic reactions - especially peanuts allergy. That is why, people with such allergies are advised not only to avoid eating nuts, but also to wear an epi-pen, which is a device that injects adrenaline resulting in reversing acute allergic reactions.

Many people also suffer from the so-called shellfish allergy which is an allergy to seafood made from shrimp, crayfish lobster, squid etc. The body of the shellfish-allergic person attacks proteins such as tropomyosin, arginine kinase and myosin light chain. To avoid harsh allergic responses like diarrhea and stomach ache one should completely exclude such food of their menu.

As fifth comes the wheat allergen - caused from an immune response to one of the proteins found in wheat - gluten. Due to that this allergy is also known as gluten intolerance. Similarly to the tree nuts allergy, wheat allergy can also be fatal. It is more widespread among children who are younger than 7-years-old as the allergy is later lost.
Lastly, soy is an allergen causing many to get an itchy skin and runny nose. Soy is found in various products - soy milk, soy beans, soy sauce etc. which makes it harder to avoid soy-containing products.
In conclusion, food allergies should not be underestimated as some of the most common allergy foods can in fact end up with severe responses leading to death. It is important to avoid the allergen-containing food if you have any type of food allergies.