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  • The mental and physical benefits of basic meditation

    I rarely bring up the idea of meditation to my clients. I'm Buddhist and my particular meditation practices are specific to my Buddhist training. However, the mental and physical benefits of regular meditation can't be ignored, as I know of first hand.
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  • Get out of your comfort zone to make real progress.

    There is a scientific training concept called "Specific Adaptation To Imposed Demands". It means that whatever you do with your body, if it is done regularly, your body will adapt to it to reduce the amount of effort needed to perform the same task. Without SAID we would...Full Post
  • Pass up that bottled water. It's not better for you or the earth.

    I very rarely buy bottled water. Practically never. The environmental impact of producing and shipping water is ridiculous.
    * Just on the matter of price, a gallon of bottled water can cost 10,000 times more than a gallon of tap water.
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  • That's literally using your noggin.

    Little did I know that Noggin is a protein that works in, where else, the brain.

    Noggin - wikipedia entry

    Well in a recent blog (yes, I'm using my blog to repost someone else's blog) in the New York Times, it has been discovered that exercise increases the

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  • What's with all the details in GYROTONIC®?

    One of the most common things I hear my GYROTONIC® clients say to me is that there are too many things to keep in mind. Admittedly, there are a whole bunch of things to think about. Aside from the basics of the motion, there is also the breathing, the narrowing, the co

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  • GYROKINESIS and yoga... different but much more similar

    Unquestionably, GYROKINESIS® is a much newer system than yoga. While yoga is an ancient practice that includes much more than the asana system, thought of by most westerners as the whole and total of yoga, GYROKINESIS® was discovered in the late 70s and put into a cohesive

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