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  • Hello All - I'm back!

    Wow, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here on sharecare. For those of you who don't know, I left for a 3 month backpacking trip this summer and since I've been back, things have been crazy busy! My fiance and I blogged throughout our trip,...Full Post
  • A HUGE secret that I've been waiting to share with everyone...

    Hello everyone!

    Lately I have talked about some BIG news that I was going to share with everyone. Well, today's the day that I spill the beans...

    On May 9th my girlfriend (Stacey) and I will be departing the US for a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe!!!

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  • Update for my physique competition!

    Hi everyone! So it's Thursday night, 2 days before my first physique show at the 2012 Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships!

    I am feeling pretty good aside from being drained on energy due to being carbohydrate depleated!

    I did my last workout before

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  • TGIM Season 4 - Perfecting the Now!

    Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are enjoying some time with the family hunting for Easter eggs and relaxing. However, don't lose track of your goals and go into a candy coma today! Just because there's candy everywhere you look doesn't mean you should

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  • Big News!

    Hi everyone, I have some exciting news to announce! I have just entered into my very first fitness competition! I am going to be competing in the Mens Physique Novice class at the 2012 Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships on April 14th!

    I have never entered

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  • TGIM Season 4 - I'll Pass

    Hello TGIM'ers! I hope you all are enjoying the spring weather! A new week is upon us and it's time to listen to the preacher. Short, sweet and to the point today...

    TGIM Season 4 - I'll Pass

    Key Points:

    #1. I'll Pass. You have got to make sure you are pursuing

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  • TGIM Throwback: You'd Make a Better Millionaire

    Hello to all my loyal TGIM followers! We all know that ET was in the islands last week and he delivered an amazing episode from the shores! This week is a throwback with some tidbits from various speaking engagements. There are a couple of great points below.

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  • Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring 'End of Modern Medicine'

    Hello all! Here is a quick article that brings to light the issue of 'antibiotic abuse'. This is a term I like to use for people expect to be pumped full of antibiotics everytime their body has a hiccup. Doctors dole out Z pak's and other antibiotics to mor

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  • Thank God It's Monday, Season 4: How Moves Ahead Are You? (Bermuda)

    Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend and didn't do too much damage to their progress because of St. Patty's day... ;-) We're back with another edition of TGIM and this time ET is coming to us from Bermuda! Wow, awesome episode, enjoy!


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  • Thank God It's Monday Season 4: Behind the Scenes: Egypt

    Hello comrades!

    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend (and remembered the time change). I am so excited for the days to start getting longer! Monday morning is right around the corner so we've got to align our thoughts and actions to make for a productive,

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