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  • Reactive training.

    Reactive training is important for everyone because it helps reduce your risk of injury by huge percentages. When you can make your brain understand that it has full control over your body it will use proper muscles at proper times, like it will know to pull

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  • Balance Training

    We move on now to Balance. Balance is really important. When your balance is good you have a reduced risk of injury. Not just a reduced risk of injury from falling but more importantly from muscle imbalances. After working your abs it's a great idea to

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  • Core Training

    I will be blogging about Core, Balance, Reactive and Resistance training. This blog will focus specifically on Core training. I find many people that do not want to train their core because they want bigger arms. Or stronger legs and it seems logical that

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  • Adaptation.

    Not only has my body adapted to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day it has adapted QUICKLY and is being stubborn with adapting BACK to the higher numbers of hours of cardio. But I trust the system and will not give up even though I like to blame my upcoming...Full Post
  • first time blogger

    I'm not much of a blogger, I'm more of a "journal-er" which isn't usually for the public to read. Feedback on my blogs will ALWAYS be appreciated. I will be blogging mostly about weight loss and nutrition. As well as proper exercise form. I have been l...Full Post