Great article on athletic specialization for our youth! This article brings up great points (Most of which I agree with) on how the drive to have our kids succeed in a single sport can actually have a negative impact on their overall athleticism. So many parents buy into the glorification of professional athletes and their lifestyles that they go overboard trying to help their children succeed at a specific sport hoping their child will be the next Tiger Woods. The consequences can have the opposite effect including: repetitive stress injuries, limited social interaction, limited motor skill development and many more. I’m all about doing everything you can to succeed but we need to wait until these kids are a little older before we specialize them with one skill. Building well rounded athletes with a balanced social life and healthy fitness level should be goal number one, should they choose to specialize in one area when they are young men and women then that is the time devote yourself to your craft. And find a good coach!