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Joel Harper - Elite Trainer

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  • Are you at your desk or sitting all day?

    If so, try this short chair routine to evaporate all that tension:

  • Want to stretch and strengthen your back?

    Try this equipment free 5 minute back workout:

  • TIght hands and forearms?

    Try this stretch:

    WRIST TWISTS: (opens Hands and Forearms) Come onto all fours and twist your hands (thumb side out), so that your middle finger is directly pointed towards and very close to the same knee. Place your palms flat on the ground. With soft elbows

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  • Need some challenging exercises?

    Check out the September issue of Men's Fitness with Dr. Oz on the cover. I have a workout on page 73. It will work every muscle in your body. They also have a whole workout on Enjoy!
  • 5 minute Cardio workout? Enter here:

    You need a quick calorie burning workout. Try this to get your heart pumping:

  • Want to improve your balance?

    Every day you want to do something to improve your balance. Why? Because the older we get the more likely we are to lose our balance and injure ourself. Try this:
  • Want toned arms?

    Try this workout free from Oprah

    Please email me I want to help you accomplish your goals!!


    Try this workout when you get a chance:


    Want a great thigh workout in 5 minutes?

    Try this:

  • Weight Loss

    Fat just doesn't melt off our bodies. It takes patience & persistence. Change 1 bad eating habit today & that could lead to one more lb lost!!!!