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  • What is your goal?

    You must be specific with your goals

    As I am spending time building my own website I am learning many new things about what goes into a successful website. The site must have good design, easy to navigate and have content that keeps your clients coming back....Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 6 - Learning)

    You must learn continually to not only improve but to discern right from wrong.

    People must learn whether they are persisting in the right direction, and whether course corrections are necessary. Keeping records of eating exercise habits, for example, is...Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 5 - Persistence)

    There will be setbacks for everyone, the truly successful rebound from these setbacks.

    People who are successful in life do all we have spoke of, work hard and rebound from setbacks. We all know about New Year''''s resolutions but did you know that that...Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 4 - Beliefs)

    You must believe that you can implement your strategies (goals) and achieve your vision.

    Belief comes in many "flavors," including, self-confidence, self-efficacy, sense of control and hope. Regardless of the label, the findings are clear: belief is one of

    ...Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 3 - Strategy)

    Vision without strategy is called dreaming.

    Ok we have covered the dream and the focus of vision but even the best ideas, the best of intentions and the best dreams are impossible without a solid plan of attack. I will say that I do not believe that the vision

    ...Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 2 - Vision)

    Those that have vision are characterized by a sense of passion, purpose and meaning.

    If you don't know what you want how can you accomplish anything. Those that know what they want to accomplish are much more likely to successfully make life changes than

    ...Full Post
  • Positive Psychology (Part 1 - Intro)

    Your thoughts and beliefs are turned into action, be a champion of thinking.

    I have decided to do another part series, this time on psychology. It is my belief that the majority of the success people will encounter or goals reached is because they believe...Full Post
  • I wanted to set a goal not a SCAMPI (Part 7 - Inspirational)

    Inspiration leads to increased motivation and the best way to be inspired is being true to yourself.

    Our last principle in developing our strategy for our goals is Inspiration. If you are inspired and passionate about what you are doing your motivation levels

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  • I wanted to set a goal not a SCAMPI (Part 6 - Proximal)

    You can get distracted if your vision is only long term

    You need to have a blend of short-term and long-term goals. It is very important to have a specific, challenging and measurable goal and to have big goals that take time to reach. It is very very i...Full Post
  • I wanted to set a goal not a SCAMPI (Part 5 - Measurable)

    Measuring progress is the only way to know whether a strategy is working

    Yesterday I was in the gym talking to a member and he was telling me how frustrated he was because he was not making any progress. During our discussion I asked questions such as "Are...Full Post