Mrs. Eliza Kingsford, LPC


Eliza Kingsford is a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in weight management, body image and eating disorders. She is Director of Clinical Services for Wellspring, a division of CRC Health Group. A certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and long-time athlete, Eliza became passionate about combining therapeutic intervention, nutrition and exercise early on in her graduate studies at the University of Colorado. Eliza believes everyone develops a relationship with food throughout their lifetime. For some this relationship can be unhealthy and problematic. Through various interventions and a desire to live a healthier, balanced life Eliza feels everyone can change habitual patterns and find a sense of peace. In her years of clinical experience, Eliza has worked on various eating disorder treatment teams, in coaching and agency settings, and has served as a consultant for obesity treatment research. As Director of Clinical Services for Wellspring, Eliza works with participants’ ages five through adulthood to provide weight management solutions throughout their lifespan. She is also responsible for the training and supervision of multiple clinicians working with this population. An experienced speaker and presenter, Eliza has appeared on various television shows including Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew. She can be heard at national conferences and workshops, and has written for internet and magazine publications. A member of the Obesity Action Coalition, Eliza is passionate about changing health reform to include better treatment options for obesity. She is also a member of the California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors and the American Psychological Association. Most recently, she became an Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. Eliza lives with her husband and daughter in Boulder, CO. She teaches a variety of fitness classes when she is not traveling for work. You can often find her enjoying some type of exercise in Colorado's great outdoors. From cycling to hiking, running and skiing, this outdoor enthusiast loves it all.



  • Wellspring, a Division of CRC