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  • Dr. Robert Abel Jr - city, AK - Ophthalmology

    What is glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is a disease of wasting of the optic nerve and the retinal nerve fibers which feed it. With clogging of the drainage sites for the eye fluid, the pressure may rise. However, eye pressure alone does not make for the diagnosis of glaucoma. It is really the health of the blood supply to the...Read More
  • Dr. Robert Abel Jr - city, AK - Ophthalmology

    How bad is it to sit in front of a computer screen for hours each day?

    Computer vision syndrome refers to eyestrain resulting from long-term computer use. Although this condition doesn't have serious or long-term consequences, it is disruptive and unpleasant. Besides being uncomfortable, CVS might lead to general fatigue and an inability to concentrate. Constant close

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  • Dr. Robert Abel Jr - city, AK - Ophthalmology

    What are the common eye diseases?

    Eye diseases common among adults range from temporary to chronic & sight‐threatening conditions. One of the most familiar eye diseases is pink eye, or conjunctivitis. Usually diagnosed in school‐age children because of its high level of contagion, pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, or

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