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  • Can sleep help fight genetically-linked obesity?

    Some people are more genetically prone towards over-weightness and Obesity. Your gene's can account for ~ 25% of the results you experience. A recent study from the University of Washington School of Medicine Sleep Center (Sleep,, 35:597-603, 2012) found that sleep...Full Post
  • A great tasting & scientifically valid approach for recovering from your workouts

    Exercise causes “exercise induced muscle damage” (EIMD), which is accompanied by localized oxidative stress, acute inflammation, glycogen & electrolyte depletion, and muscle fiber breakdown. In the short-term, this is associated with impaired muscular perf...Full Post
  • Your social network influences your health

    We are social beings. We compare ourselves to others. We often mimic the behaviors of those that we are the closest to (family, friends, co-workers).

    Did you know that you are:

    1. 57% more likely to become obese if your friend is or becomes obese

    2. 37% more

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  • Fitness Myth #10

    "I believe that diet and exercise are too hard to fit into my life because I am just too busy"

    A healthy lifestyle should be one of the most important key areas of focus in your entire life. If you are not healthy you cant maximize your relationships, finances,

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  • Fitness Myth #9

    "I cant lose weight because of my genetics"

    Your genes absolutely play a role in your metabolism, body composition, weight, and overall health (genetics account for approximately 25% of your health outcomes)

    However, you are not your genes. Your lifestyle,

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  • Fitness Myth #8

    "If I start to regain the weight I lost, I can never lose that weight again"

    Over 75% of the successful weight loss maintainers from the National Weight Control Registry weighed themselves regularly (daily/weekly).

    If you begin to gain weight, decrease your

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  • Fitness Myth #7

    "Diets don’t work and if I stop dieting I will gain all of the weight back"

    You are right……FAD diets DO NOT work and are potentially dangerous

    What works 100% of the time is reducing the calories that you consume and adding increased physical activity. Changing

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  • Fitness Myth #6

    "I cant lose weight on my own or maintain my weight loss"

    Although utilizing a structured weight loss program with the support of a certified professional is the most effective way to lose weight, over 50% of success weight loss maintainers from the National

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  • Flourish: An integrated approach for Well-Being

    Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of positive psychology, has added to his previous philosophy and description of authentic happiness. Dr. Seligman's expanded theory of authentic h

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  • Fitness Myth #5

    "I cant lose weight because I am over 40"

    It is true that your metabolic rate decreases as you age. It is also true that you lose lean muscle as you age. It is also true that regular physical activity slows and/or prevents a decline in your metabolism and

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