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Dr. Camille McGann practices in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  She completed her Residency Training in Radiation Oncology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.  She is the President and CEO of Legacy Educators and Consultants, LLC, an educational company developed to bridge the “patient-physician” gap.  At the heart of everything she does is empowerment through education and advocacy, starting with the people of the community.
During her years in the teaching arena she developed a mode of communicating difficult topics in an effortless and simplistic manner to people of different social status. LegacyEducators.com was developed as a result of her desire to reach a greater population in the specialty of Oncology. It is a “visual learning” tool to teach the basics of Cancer.  She skillfully integrated animations/videos to appeal to the visual learners and provided questions to ask Doctors that can be downloaded and taken on appointments. There are also links to well established websites to read additional information on diagnosis, treatment and side effects.
Her passion is to encourage knowledge and understanding of the difficult topic of Cancer through Seminars, health fairs and local Church programs.

Please visit her site www.LegacyEducators.com for more information.



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